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Jul. 13th, 2012

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Found this link on a post in criminalxminds :

"A report, by the agency's behavioural analysis unit, says serial killers often have families and homes, are gainfully employed and appear to be normal members of the community."

"Challenging the misconception that serial killers are all loners, the report points to Robert Yates, who killed 17 prostitutes in Washington during the 1990s. He was married with five children, lived in a middle-class neighbourhood and was a decorated army helicopter pilot."

That is all. For now. I might be watching The Illusionist in a bit, so look out for a post about that if I do get around to watching it. :P
I bought some stuff online recently which included the August Rush DVD. It took a loooooooong time for it to get here, but I finally received the package a couple of days ago, and I just finished watching the movie a few minutes ago.

I'm lazy to put it under a cut, so read at your own risk if you haven't seen August Rush before. :P

IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. I loves it very much.

Being the sap that I am, I was nearly tearing up throughout most of the movie, and finally I just lost it and started crying during the final scenes of the orchestra concert.

Why, hello there, Alex O'Loughlin. Obviously I'm not familiar with Irish accents (except that they can be quite difficult to understand), but I thought that he managed to fake an Irish accent quite convincingly. I find it quite amusing that they always seem to replace "me" with "my". LOL.

William Sadler didn't have nearly enough scenes. So did Terrence Howard. He didn't have much to do in the movie, but he was great in all his scenes. :)

The little girl who played Hope was absolutely adorable. She had the best expressions, like when August/Evan was talking to her while she was playing the piano, she had this look like, "O-kay, this boy is nuts"; and when she came back from school and found her room plastered wall-to-wall with sheet music composed by August/Evan. She freaked out and yelled, "REVEREND J.!!!" LMAO.

Reverend J. (James) was played by Mykelti Williamson (Chief Sinclair), btw.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (♥ ♥ ♥) is awesome as always. It's refreshing to see him in a less intense role than he's used to playing. AND HIS SINGING, OMFG. I'll be first in line to buy his record if he ever puts out one, seriously. Man's got a pretty nice voice. And those eyes... *faints* They keeeel me.

Keri Russell was pretty good too, in those emotional scenes. My favorite Lyla scenes: 1) At the hospital when her father lied that her baby had died; 2) In the phone booth talking to her friend while it was raining.

And of course, Freddie Highmore. He is so cute. I hope he's still so cute by the time puberty is done with him. We all know what it does to some child stars. :P

Robin Williams was just freaky. A little OTT sometimes, but he wasn't in a lot of scenes so I was fine with that.

Meme - The Big Read

According to The Big Read, the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books on their list.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicise those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-)

Cut to The List.Collapse )

HMMM. I seem to have more "intend to read" books than "have read" books. LOL.

I think I need to get my ass off the computer and actually SIT DOWN and read a book from start to finish. :P


TV show meme

Snagged from faylinn_drake & kinkapoodles :

Choose six TV shows and number them 1-6.
Now answer these questions.

1. Supernatural
2. Criminal Minds
3. Cold Case
5. CSI: NY
6. Moonlight

Favorite recurring, guest, or tertiary character from show 6: Jason Dohring (as Josef Kostan)!!!

Favorite made up word, catch phrase, or linguistic trick from show 2: Does "UnSub" count? LOL. Oh, and Morgan and Garcia's pet names for each other. Cuteness!

Favorite costume from show 4: The men (Gibbs, Tony and McGee) and Ziva in Kevlar, wielding guns.

Favorite prop from show 3: Umm, the guns? @_@

Biggest plotting or character misstep in show 5: Two words: Lindsay Monroe. (Yes, I put the show at #5 on purpose. Sue me. :P)

Best example of pure evil from show 1: Season finale. Dean in Hell, yelling for Sam, and then...cut to black. Need I say more? :P

Set up a character from show 2 w/ a character from show 5 on a fun day out: Hmm, how about Garcia and Adam? How cute would that be? :D

If the main character from show 3 got into a physical fight with the main character from show 6 who would win: Lilly Rush vs. Mick St. John??? No competition there, Mick would win, hands down, with his vampire powers! Or maybe he would be the gentlemen and concede to Lilly before the fight even began! :P

How about a battle of wits for the main characters in shows 1 and 4: Hmm, I dunno. It could potentially be a tie. I mean, Winchesters vs. Gibbs??

Main character who needs the most therapy among all the shows: Umm. I'm gonna have to go with Dean from SPN. No amount of therapy in the world can ever heal him, (as of the upcoming Season 4)the guy's been to Hell and back. Can't beat that.

Best theme song among all the shows: Cold Case's "Nara" by E.S. Posthumus is AWESOME.


New (longer) trailer for Eagle Eye!


I seriously cannot wait for Eagle Eye to come out. It sucks that it will only open in Singapore in October. Boo. Not fair!!!

Anyways, check out the new trailer. This time we get a bigger glimpse of the other characters in the film, such as Billy Bob Thronton, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson and Ethan Embry. Apparently, Michael Chiklis is in the movie too.

Oh, Shia... ♥

Eagle Eye stills.

Check out a bunch of Eagle Eye stills featuring Shia and Michelle Monaghan at shia_daily : http://community.livejournal.com/shia_daily/16340.html

A preview:

OH. EM. EFF. GEE. *thudddddddddd*

I want to see this movie. NOW.

Two memes.

Type in the following and choose from the first page

Google away!Collapse )


Tagged by camy_sammy :

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

01. Rihanna - Take a Bow
02. Matchbook Romance - Stay Tonight
03. Poets of the Fall - Sleep
04. Queens of the Stone Age - Sick, Sick, Sick
05. Megan McCauley - Die For You
06. Flyleaf - Breathe Today
07. Incubus - Warning

Totally pulling the usernames out of my ass here. I tag: yourgravity ; suzyx ; faylinn_drake ; loveshot ; whoajessica ; askani ; goshdarnheck .


Have a great weekend, f-list! :D


People's Hottest Bachelors of 2008

Please click on the link for some man candy: http://www.people.com/people/package/0,,20205861,00.html

I rarely buy People magazine, usually the only times I get is when they have the Hottest Bachelors and Sexiest Man Alive annual issues. :P

What can I say, I love me some man candy!!! So feast your eyes, f-list!

Here's a REALLY interesting blurb from Gerard Butler:
"A few years ago, I went out with a girl and we were having a great time. She went to the toilet, and I thought, 'You know what? I'm also going to go to the toilet.' Maybe it took me a little longer to get out of there than I thought. I came back and she was gone. So I said to the waiter, 'What happened?' The waiter said, 'She came out and stood around the table and then she left.' I ran outside and she was nowhere to be seen. I never saw her again!"

That woman must be out of her mind. Why would you walk out of a date with GERARD-friggin-BUTLER?! Poor guy. I bet that the woman must be kicking herself for leaving right now... HAH!

Oh, wow. Scarlett Johansson's twin brother, Hunter, is kinda cute. I can't stand her (sorry, ScarJo fans), but I don't mind her brother. LMAO!

Chace Crawford. YES. He is so eff-ing pretty.

I wonder if Shia is on the list? :D

Twilight Tuesdays - The Cullen family crest

Finally! Something interesting on Twilight Tuesdays, LOL.

Read the article HERE.

Designed by director Catherine Hardwicke and her team, the shamrocks-and-lions-powered crest was presented to stars like Facinelli and Nikki Reed, who were then allowed to choose the jewelry their character would wear.

Next: Twilight set visit (some spoilers): click HERE.

While Day One of our "Twilight" set visit was dominated with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson making googly eyes at each other in a meadow straight out of Stephenie Meyer's written page, Day Two unveiled a cast and crew unafraid to experiment with new scenes, dialogue and even a super-cool Cullen family crest.

And there's about 5 videos on Catherine Hardwicke and the cast members comming on the Cullen family crest. There's also a video of them filming a scene from when they visited the set.


Happy Twilight Tuesday, my dear peeps! :P

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